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  • Textile Industrial Felt
  • Heat Transfer printing Felt
  • Sanfor blanket
  • Flatwork Ironer Belt
  • Flatwork Ironer pads

We believe in being a flexible, customer-driven partner;
We believe in delivering value through innovation;
We believe everything starts and ends, with quality;
We believe in becoming an extension of our customer’s teams;
We believe that no matter the size of the project, it deserves the very best;
We believe in an open and honest relationship;
We do not believe in shortcuts.
If you prioritize our company core value as above, then we're the team for you.

Amisfelting factory was established in 2001. In 2011, another factory was established.
At present, there are 30 people in the factory. The production equipment includes 6 winding machines, 1 setting machine, 1 carding machine, and 7 needle machines. 4 sets of setting machines.

In the early stage of the factory, the company mainly supplied printing, pre-shrinking, pleating, calendering machinery manufacturers, users, industrial laundry rooms, and laundry machinery manufacturers in China. With the expansion of the market and personnel equipment, the factory also started to set up its own foreign trade company. Started development and hope to better serve machinery manufacturers.
We believe that first-class quality is the prerequisite for long-term cooperation. Business is mutually beneficial and win-win. We will bring you better service and quality and become your best supplier. 

Our company also provide the following services:
1. Help purchase products and find suppliers for other products.
2. Price negotiation with existing suppliers, product quality inspection photos, factory inspection.
3. Collect samples
4. Receive the goods, paste LOGO, change the packaging
5.Arrange delivery
Our main products include 
Textile Industrial :
Heat Transfer Printing Felt, Flatbed Press Felt, Calendar Felt, Sanforizing Felt, Compacting Felt, Pleating Felt, Skrink-on Felt Sleeves, Tannery, Embossing Machine Felt, Teflon Belt, Monofilament Polyester Mesh 
needled felt, Endless Felts belt, Heat Press Felt, Heat Press Padding, Sublimation Calender blanket, Sanford Needle Felt, Lafer, compacting Felt, Blanket For Calendar Machine, Industrial Felt Belt, Polyester Mesh Belt, Laminating Endless Felts, endless felt manufacturer, Palmer felt, Shrinkage felt, Nomex Felt, Polyester Felt use on  Klieverik, Monti, Transmatic, Lemaire, Practix, Sorim, Studio FX, Stork, Bates, Wuppertal, Kristall, Sublistatic, Gessner, Bizmak, S.T.M., Singer, KMT, MOGK, TURAL MAKINA.

Laundry Industrial:
Flatwork ironer Padding, Flatwork Ironer belt, Felt Ironing Board Pad, Guide tapes, Folding Machine Belts, Polyester feeding machine belts, Laundry belting Fastener, Lacing Systems( fasteners tools), Wire Pin Roll, Wax and wax cloth, Industrial Laundry, Commercial Laundry Equipment Parts, Lacing Systems( fasteners tools), Felt Ironing Board Pad, Wire Pin Roll, Wax and wax cloths,Ironing Pads, Ironer Polyester Padding, Ironer Nomex Padding, Nomex Belting, Aramid Belt, Cotton Belt, Woven Belting, Laundry Belting, Non-skid Belt, Feeding Belt, Feeder Belt,  Belt For Laundry, Clipper, Conveyor Belt Fastener

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Nomex feltMore>>

1) Heat Transfer Nomex felt is used on a heat transfer printing calender. Synthetic fabrics are usually printed on this calender using high temperatures (up to 230°C / 450°F). The pre-printed paper carries the dyestuffs, which are then sublimated on the fabric using high temperature.
The purpose of the sublimation felt is to press the fabric against the printed paper, both against the heated drum. The contact between the fabric and the printed paper needs to be long enough, to ensure the transfer of the dyestuffs to the fabric. Heat transfer printing is an economical way to print synthetic fabrics. 
 These machines can also be used for the following processes :
Laminating,or Roll to Roll printing, sublimation printing
Placard transfer printing (banners)
kliverik_mc heat transfer printing
These Nomex felts are used on the following machines : Klieverik, Monti, Transmatic, Lemaire, Practix, Sorim, Studio FX, Stork, Bates, Wuppertal, Kristall, Sublistatic, Gessner, Bizmak, S.T.M., Singer, KMT, MOGK, TURAL MAKINA,...
2)The purpose of a sanforizing machine or a shrinking machine is to pre-shrink, stabilize cotton fabrics and mixed cotton fabrics such as Denim.
It is made of 2 units :
the shrinking unit in which the compressive shrinkage is given by a thick Sanfor rubber belt using steam and mechanical pressure
the drying unit, also called the Palmer unit, in which the fabrics are dryed by an endless Sanfor polyester felt, which is called sanforizing felt, Palmer felt,polyester felt,nomex felt,Sanforizing Needle Felt, Sanfor blanket or drying felt.


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